Discover the SS 2022 Joy Collection

Mirth dress


Glee kaftan | Pink


Joy Collection

A celebration of joy, an appreciation of all things good and a wondrous feeling of happiness. The Joy Collection is the embodiment of a lust for life. A life in which we can move around freely and in which we can be bold and colorful, all in grace and comfort.


To us, joy is found in the simplest of things. Whether it is exploring a new exciting place or just being able to hold each other close. The Joy Collection is inspired by the joys we have found in life and all the beauty that comes with it. Discover this new breath of cheerful happiness and celebrate life with MALA CHETTY.

Peppy kaftan


Gaiety dress | Blue


“ We are inspired by the joys we find in life and the beauty that comes with it.

Joy Dress | Flowers


Harmony Kaftan