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In Love Collection

An ode to my love for the ever-enchanting beauty of nature. To me, love lies in the simplest, smallest things around us, in the unexpected moments with each other.
Nature never bores me and continues to surprise me with its beauty and wonderful colors throughout the year as each season has its own charms.

For this new collection I was inspired by the exquisite colors of the trees, flowers, birds, and butterflies in the garden of my childhood home that I recently visited again. The place where my love of colorful life and the magnificence of nature once began. Back at that base, I found the very inspiration with which I created the In Love Collection, from my heart.

The In Love Collection features the true MALA CHETTY signature of a vivacious color palette, handmade floral prints and elegance found in the simplicity of our garments. Discover this new collection and fall in love with MALA CHETTY.


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Suki dress

“ We are inspired by the joys we find in life and the beauty that comes with it.

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