Discover the Dream Collection

Nairobie Kaftan
Summer Azure

Dream Collection

An ode to all the beautiful places I was fortunate enough to visit. Places I dream of being while I can’t be there. This new collection takes you back to these places and the memories that come with it. Emphasizing the fact that dreams can take you anywhere you’d long to be.


The Dream Collection is an extension of the first Josina Collection, maintaining the MALA CHETTY signature style. One thing new about this collection is the focus on more casual pieces. While all garments are luxurious and suitable for formal occasions, the pieces are great for any place you can dream of, whether it’s far away or in the comfort of your own home.

Golden Hibiscus Kaftan
Spring Sunset

“ Dreams can really take you anywhere you long to be.

Apricot Monarch
Coral Empress